A New Path

You’re striding along your path, happy as can be. Smiling at the world, buzzing like a bee. You couldn’t have seen it coming, oh dear, but there it was. You suddenly fell into a hole, and spent much time wondering what it was. Why me? How did this happen?

After much too much time asking questions, and no answers to satisfy, you plan to find a way out. At the bottom of this deep dark pit, the blue sky looks so bright. There is hope for you but you can’t see a way out.

You get angry and curse at the sky. You eventually breakdown and let out a terrifying cry. The endless tears nearly drown you, but you find your way back to shore. Feeling exhausted and helpless, you just can’t take no more.

You give up and accept that you are stuck in this hole, to no end. Searching for contentment, or a reason to breathe again. Heavy on the heart, a mind that never lets up. What once was full is just an empty cup.

And when those feelings become too much to bear, you consider just about anything to get out of there. Could it be? Would it work? Is it worth a try? Finally, you resolve to give it all to God, for no thing is more mighty or capable of the miracles you desire.

In that very instant, a spark of light appears, and a sense of calm washes away your fears. Stuck no more as you’re taken by the hand and dragged out of the darkness to a more promising land.

The heart soars freely, the mind is at ease, and your entire being is now filled with peace. You are no long weary, no longer afraid, for a new path of hope has been paved.