• Earth Angel Messenger

    August 7, 2021 by

    Hello friends! Welcome to my blog. My name is Turath and I am an Angel Messenger and intuitive energy reader, which means I can communicate with the Holy Spirit and can receive angelic guidance on your behalf. I also have many other spiritual gifts that are beneficial to those seeking guidance, such as dream interpretation,… Read more

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  • Brave Enough

    August 15, 2021 by

    Standing face to face, two brave souls pull back the layers and expose their wounded hearts. Two heavy hearts, tested and scarred… becoming raw with vulnerability. They stand tracing each other’s scars with the gentle stroke of a fingertip. Acknowledging the memories of pain and sorrow. I see you, he says. I see you, she… Read more

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  • Ghosting

    August 10, 2021 by

    It’s when he sees me pouring my heart out and that energy just pulls him in. He sees I’m a little vulnerable and he doesn’t want to take advantage. I tell him I’ve been disappointed and hurt before, please take care of my heart. He says I will…but that means I’ll have to walk away.… Read more

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