Your Presence is Requested

What once was, is no longer so. The past can be revisited for a short while, but darling do not get lost there. Let it rest.

What could be, is not yet. The future may be an exciting place to visit, but do not stay there for long, for you will surely miss the present and in doing so, will miss the gift of life. Let it come.

Life is happening right now in this exact moment. Notice your heart beating inside your chest. Notice the sound of your breath. This is the fruit of life. Let it be.

Seek to reunite with your truest self so that you may be connected to life as it unfolds. Do not allow yourself to be stuck in the false reality that you’ve constructed in your mind. Let it go.

You are neither here, nor there, nor anywhere, if you cannot be still my dear. Be present, breathe, and awaken to your highest self. Let it soar.