The Traveling Bible

The Traveling Bible: God has been calling me and leading me out of my usual routine. Yesterday he told me to go to Balboa Park. I got in my car and he told me to go back inside and grab my Bible. I figured he must want me to read some scriptures while at the park. When I miraculously got a parking spot (had no clue there was a huge Earth day festival going on) I thought about leaving my Bible in the car, but he encouraged me to take it. So I walked around with my Bible for hours, enjoyed many experiences and met lots of people.

After enjoying the organ concert I went to the restroom and God told me to leave my Bible there. I refused. I thought not today Satan! 😆 Surely God wouldn’t tell me to leave my Bible of sentimental value here in this bathroom stall. This was the Bible that came to me through a series of events, which I inherited through a client who suddenly passed away. The same Bible that fell out of my hands and stubbed my foot when I said “I didn’t like the Bible” 😅 The same Bible that I cried over and held close to my heart while experiencing profound spiritual revelations. But I have grown to trust God and obey him as he commands.

So I sat down on a bench and asked him for a word, I read a few passages hoping for confirmation of what he was asking me to do but did not receive the obvious sign I was hoping for. Hunger struck and I went to the courtyard which was full of vendors and music, to get something to eat. I took my lunch to a shady spot next to the art museum and enjoyed coconut cream samosas that were so delicious I hurriedly got up and walked back to the courtyard to order a few more. It was then I realized I had left my Bible next to the museum and I knew that’s exactly what he wanted to happen. I wasn’t ready or sure, but HIS will was done!

Long story short, God will bribe you with sweets if he has to 😂 He will jerk the wheel. He will make you ready and teach you as you follow along. God knew that a Bible needed to be found yesterday and he knew exactly where the bookmark belonged. I was just a small part of his mission yesterday 🥰🥰🥰 also for the first time in my life, I bought myself a Bible. He knows the plans he has for you ❤️❤️❤️#thetravelingbible #christianonamission #Godleadsme #hiswillbedone #awakenchurch