Waking Up To Magic

Waking up, eyelids slowing peeling apart, still feeling heavy, they resist. I clumsily grasp for my phone to check the time. 5:55 am. Just go back to sleep, you didn’t sleep all that well, and it would feel so good to sleep in today. Come on, you earned it, you’ve been up at 6 am everyday for the past two weeks.

My mind is trying to convince me to retreat back to the world of slumber, but I know if I don’t wake up now, I won’t get to enjoy my coffee in peace. In fact, I can already smell that glorious smell of coffee grabbing at my nostrils from the kitchen. It’s really the only way I can get myself out of bed before sunrise. I set my coffee maker to auto-brew before I go to bed, and by the time my alarm goes off, I have a fresh pot of boldly roasted coffee waiting for me. It entices me to roll out of bed and put my pants on.

The enchanting smell prepares me for my favorite part of the morning. I pour my french vanilla creamer into my favorite mug, followed by piping hot coffee. I lovingly carry my mug with me into the living room where the sun is just beginning to rise. I sit down on my white, billowy crate and barrel couch, I close my eyes, take another sniff of that sweet aroma, whisper “thank you,” and take that first sip. Ahhh.

The warm, creamy liquid ignites my tastebuds. I can feel the warmth traveling down into my belly. Turning on my brain, my internal machinery begins to pick up speed and I’m becoming more awake with each sip. Hello new day, I am ready for you now. So good. So magical. An experience I never tire of.