Brave Enough

Standing face to face, two brave souls pull back the layers and expose their wounded hearts.

Two heavy hearts, tested and scarred… becoming raw with vulnerability.

They stand tracing each other’s scars with the gentle stroke of a fingertip. Acknowledging the memories of pain and sorrow.

I see you, he says. I see you, she says.

Their foreheads come together as they inhale the sweet scent of oneness, and sigh in relief. This feels like home.

I trust you, she says. I trust you, he says.

Fiery passion melts the jagged scars into liquid gold, the moment their lips touch. Their bodies filled with golden light.

Two wild hearts now throbbing simultaneously, under a protective layer of pure divine love.

Brave enough to face the pain. Brave enough to love once again. They are reborn. They are exalted. They are free.