It’s when he sees me pouring my heart out and that energy just pulls him in. He sees I’m a little vulnerable and he doesn’t want to take advantage. I tell him I’ve been disappointed and hurt before, please take care of my heart. He says I will…but that means I’ll have to walk away. And she says but I love you just as you are. And he says, I know you do, so let me give you something even better. And she’s left scooping up the shards of her shattered heart, trying to feel whole on her own. She’s wiping her tears and adjusting her crown, unbecoming everything she’s known so she can return home.

Meanwhile he’s stealth in the way he moves. He sits back and keeps his protective eyes on her, knowing she’s got more work to do. Centering himself in who he truly is. He is dreaming of her and patiently waiting for her to be ready. And when that time comes she’ll fly into his arms and he’ll lift her up to the heavens. A divine force to be reckoned with. They are ready to fulfill their sacred love destiny. Finally, home at last.

So you see, all along, the ghosting was just a big misunderstanding.