Earth Angel Medium

Hello friends! Welcome to my blog. My name is Turath and I am a psychic medium and intuitive energy reader, which means I can communicate with the energy of spirits, living and deceased. I also have many other spiritual gifts that are beneficial to those seeking guidance, such as dream interpretation, discernment of truth, and a clear connection to the angelic realm.

Services: I am offering mediumship for loved ones who have passed on and intuitive energy for those who are still here on Earth. I am also offering life and love/relationship readings. Readings are being done via text messaging. If you are interested in a zoom meeting, meeting in person or a phone call please let me know.

What to expect: With a name and photo I am able to connect to a person’s energy. For mediumship this creates a telephone line between you and your loved one. For both mediumship and energy readings I will pick up on things being giving to me such as emotions, words, numbers, symbols, etc., and I will relay to you what I receive and you’ll piece it together. Some of it might make sense right away, some of might click later. This is how I establish an authentic connection that you can trust. From there your loved one on the other side will begin communicating the messages they wish you to receive.

Scheduling a reading: Please schedule a time when you can be available for at least 30 mins, and will not be interrupted. For mediumship or intuitive energy readings please have a few clear photos of your loved one, yourself or the living person you’d like a reading for. Photos will need to be clear, with subject looking directly at the camera. For mediumship I greatly appreciate photos from throughout different ages of their life, and a photo of you with your loved one who has crossed over if you have one (or a few). Get ready to connect with your loved one! ❤️

If you would like to schedule a reading please look me up on Instagram and send me a private message or submit a request here.