She waits in the darkness, begging to be unleashed into the light. She is bold and ready. Her lips thirsting for flaming lust. She grows impatient as the time passes, the fiery desire begins to burn dangerously within her. Her body tingles as she envisions all the ways her lover may seduce her.

She lays waiting for that moment when her divine masculine counterpart will awaken her with his omnipotent presence. His lips press hard against hers, setting her free as her body melts into a brilliant galaxy of sensual light. Their bodies leave the earth behind meeting in outer space. Intertwined and floating in the heavens, they are the only two souls in existence. As the void is filled, she can return to her slumber. Once again, she lay dormant…pulsing and awaiting his return.

It is only when she realizes that she can fill her own void, that she is able to awaken herself and soar freely and abundantly, wildly blazing through eternity. No more waiting. She is alive and well, and that is exactly when he returns.